Fiberglass vs. Vinyl: Which is Better?

Adding a new pool to your backyard is an exciting project, but it can also be a significant investment so it’s important to make the right decisions every step of the way. Pools are typically made from fiberglass or vinyl, and each has its benefits. Here’s a look at what you need to know.

Installation Options

Fiberglass pools typically come in predetermined shapes and sizes while vinyl-lined pools can be installed in virtually any shape or size. Because fiberglass pools are made off-site and delivered to your home, the installation process is typically complete within two days. A vinyl installation takes place entirely in your yard and the full installation process can take up to four weeks.

Cost Considerations

The initial installation of a vinyl-lined pool is typically a bit lower than the cost of installing a fiberglass pool as many of the materials required for installation are not as expensive. Over time, however, the price of a vinyl-lined pool will start to stack up much more quickly than fiberglass. First, the vinyl liner must be replaced every five to ten years at a cost of around $4500 each, and repair costs will be incurred every time the liner becomes damaged.

Maintenance Issues

Fiberglass pools naturally resist algae and many systems allow for running the pump and filter in shorter cycles while still maintaining excellent water quality. Vinyl-lined pools do not resist algae and tend to need more chemicals and longer pump and filter cycles to keep the water in good condition. Over time, the cost of electricity and chemicals adds up, and with the added maintenance of vinyl liners, can make these pool types more expensive to maintain.

The Bottom Line

Vinyl liner pools are less expensive to install and can come in an almost endless variety of shapes and sizes. Fiberglass pools cost more to install, but that installation happens much faster and with less disruption to your yard than other pool types. Over time, the cost to maintain a vinyl liner pool will quickly outweigh any upfront savings putting fiberglass pools as the best long-term option for homeowners.

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