Focal Fire Features


Adding warmth to cool nights

By Shelley Mehon, Elemental Landscapes | March 13th, 2018

Outdoor Living Trends 2018 Series: Post 2 Focal point: As defined by, a focal point is “the point at which all elements or aspects converge; center of activity or attention.”

Interestingly, this simple definition touches upon one of the most favored current outdoor living trends: taking one of the four major elements (fire) and making it the centered feature of your outdoor living space or poolscape.

In the Midwest, as we inch closer to the first day of spring, warmth, and longer amounts of time spent in the sun’s rays, most might be ready to pack away the fire logs and heat.  But in reality, there are many reasons to keep those items at bay.

Check out the highlights below to see how an outdoor fire feature can benefit your home’s outdoor living space and to review the various customizable options available.


There’s no doubt that an outdoor fire feature is beneficial to your home.  Adding functionality and extending your entertaining space, here are some reasons to consider this attractive outdoor accessory.

Perfect gathering spot

Entertain your loved ones by creating the perfect spot for family and friends to gather.  Based on experience, some of the most meaningful conversations I’ve encountered were centered around fiery flames.  Add roasting marshmallows or baking a pizza in your outdoor brick oven to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Fantastic source of heat and light

There’s no better way to add heat and warm light to a cool spring or summer night than with an outdoor fire feature.  Kick up your feet and relax, enjoy the company of others, and embrace the warmth of one of earth’s finest elements.

Add value to a hardscaping project

One of the easiest ways to add value and interest to your hardscaping project is with the integration of a fire feature.  Constructed with high quality pavers, fire features can blend seamlessly into the design of your outdoor living space or patio.


Various options are available to heat and increase architectural detail to your outdoor living space.  Depending on the types installed, some homeowners are even able to continue use of their spaces well into the fall and even early winter seasons!


Just like the traditional fireplace you see set inside a home, an outdoor fireplace can function and feature the same details as its interior family member.  And because of its vertical nature, an outdoor fireplace can be the perfect statement piece to anchor an outdoor living area even when not in use. Available as wood burning or natural gas, the outdoor fireplace will warm up any surrounding guests without the worry of directional wind changes.

Fire Pit

The fire pit is the most common fire feature seen in backyards, but that doesn’t mean it’s a piece to pass up.  Using traditional firewood and usually fixed at a lower profile to extend the view, outdoor fire pits are great additions to any outdoor living space.  Options are limitless when integrating with your paver patio project as dimensions are customizable to any sized space.

Fire Table

Becoming much more popular to the outdoor living space, fire tables are making way with its versatility and ease of use!  Most likely fixed with a hard natural gas line, fire tables are a great addition to any outdoor space looking for a focal feature.  Like its other fire accessory family members, fire tables can be customized to your needs and is a great addition to any landscape.

Mounted and Portable Heating

If a fixed fire feature like those described above may not be an option or if you are looking for an additional heating source to add to your outdoor living space, mounted and portable heating options like those from Bromic Heating, might be just what you are looking for.  

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