Introducing Design to Your Outdoor Living Space

We all dream of a luxurious outdoor oasis, a space you can relax in. However, designing the perfect space that you will love for years to come is the tricky part. You spent what seems like hours and hours thumbing through magazines, pinning your inspiration, and watching evmagazinesery home and garden show you can think of until you find the design that speaks to your style. Just when you think you found it, you read that everyone is turning to custom pergolas instead of awnings and umbrellas. Frustrated, you crumble up your drawings and start all over again. However before you throw away your dream space, we have a few tips from our design experts that will inspire you to love your outdoor space, now and for years to come.

Keep It Simple Silly

We all have been told one time or another to Keep It Simple Silly (K-I-S-S). Well, when choosing your outdoor living space design you should. A funky colored pergola may look awesome on Pinterest but in two years when bold and vibrant colors are out and weathered wood is in, you will regret giving up your Saturday re-staining and painting your mistake. So how do you choose simple and get wow! in the end? The answer is simple. To get a wow factor, use décor! Accent pillows, curtains, art work, area rugs, and planters will transform any area into a fabulous area.

Our designer added vibrant pillows to the tans and browns of this deck to really give life to the room. The bold colors work against the muted earth tones, making them pop.  Your eye is immediately pulled to focus in on the bold colors vs the earthy background tones. We took the same idea and applied it to the brick paver patio. Instead of choosing a bold pattern or bright brick pavers, we again chose a balance of earthy tones.  To bring life to the a rea, bright green planters with colorful plantings were added. Again, you are drawn to the vibrant colors of the planters.

What about your open spaces? The decking around your pool or fire pit? Here you can be more daring.We brought life this fire pit by adding these Adirondack Chairs, painted in a bright and bold color. The bright blue stays within the color family of the grey brick pavers, but it does not blend in.  In a year or two if you change your mind about the space, simply repaint the chairs and add a colorful accent pillow and you have a completely new space!

When you are ready to work with your landscaper/designer, be sure to choose traditional colors for your space. Ask what materials they offer, what stains and finishes they can apply, and don’t be afraid to ask what colors go well with both. Ask for examples and photos of customers who decorated their outdoor living spaces with bold pillows or outdoor furniture. If you get stuck, grab some material from the store and hold them against the samples of materials your designer will bring to your meeting. Once your design is finished, sit back and relax in your new oasis!