Landscaping After Inground Pool Removal

Whether you’ve inherited an old pool when purchasing a new home or your pool has simply reached the end of its life, sometimes removing an inground pool and reclaiming your yard makes more sense for your home and your family than trying to repair it. Once you’ve made the decision, what’s next?

Inground Pool Removal Options

Homeowners have the option of either a full or partial inground pool removal. Partial removal costs less and tends to be the most common choice. During this process, the pool will be completely drained and holes drilled into the bottom of the pool for future drainage. Next, the top several inches of the pool are removed, along with decking and other unwanted pieces. Then, the space will be filled and compacted.

Full removal is a better long-term option as it’s less likely to result in sunken areas, no disclosures are necessary if the home is sold, and the filled area will be safe for construction of new structures–all things that could result from a partial removal.

The Pool is Out; Now What?

Gardens Galore

If you’ve ever wanted a garden, the site of your old pool is likely to be a bright, sunny patch of land just waiting to be cultivated! Keep in mind, however, that backfill used to close up the empty ground is typically of poor quality. You may need to amend the soil with compost and nutrients before any planting is done. Raised beds are another way to add growing space, and you won’t have to remove any grass before plotting your beds and filling pathways with mulch or pebbles.

Outdoor Entertaining

If a green thumb isn’t on your list of assets, then turn that empty space into an entertainment area. Keep it simple and have a patio installed that’s finished with a few comfortable furniture pieces. Or, go all out and build a beautiful outdoor kitchen complete with a fire pit and built-in benches. Keep in mind that a partial pool removal may limit your options for building over the space so be sure to check your local building codes!


For a budget-friendly replacement for your filled-in pool, hardscaping can be done with gravel or small river rocks rather than a traditional concrete or brick patio. Containers, pots, and other planters can be used to add color, and small shrubs can be added to the border for definition. Ornamental seating can be used as a focal point. Or add a small table and chairs, a bench, or even a freestanding bench swing for a place to relax.

Enjoying Your Outdoor Spaces

Whether you choose to plant a variety of summer vegetables, an array of perennials, or you’d rather transform the space to expand your outdoor living area, your options after an inground pool removal are endless. If you’ve got an old pool that’s ready for demolition, give us a call! We’ll stick with your project from start to finish so you know you’ll get exactly what you wish for.